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In this amazing battle, the lovely Emmie takes on none other than SINN SAGE in a submissions only battle that only ends with one lady giving the entire match!  To her credit, Emmie starts off strong, locking Sinn in an armbar that leads to a camel clutch attack!  A few moments later and Sinn finds herself trapped yet again in a brutal surfboard...one that leads to a jujigitame armlock that almost ends the match!

When Sinn sudenly reverses the action with a sudden boston crab, however...things start looking bad for our recently returned SKW wrestler!

"I came all the way from California to kick your ass!" Sinn yells, and continues the torture by switching to a sudden rib-crushing body scissors that slowly wears Emmie down!  A figure four leglock follows, sending Emmie's screams of pain cascading throughout the room as Sinn's smile grows wider.  At this point she KNOWS she has the win...but she has to end it her way!

A brutal modified surfboard follows, and Sinn laughs as she locks in her final figure four neckscissors!  Emmie tries to fight it but the fear of passing out is too great.  The SKW fighter eventually taps out, verbally giving the entire match to the California visitor!


Length: 10 min

Price (USD): $USD 9.99

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