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The series continues as Jackson, one of our east coast veterans, goes up against a stunning and adorable west coast rookie by the name of Cara Bliss!  This battle features the same most-pins-counts format of our previous matches, but this one includes some truly intense and fiery action between two determined combatants!

As we begin, the lovely Cara takes control, showing Jackson that her lack of experience doesn't immediately equal an easy win!  A sudden piggy back sleeper hold wears Jackson down and out for the first score, followed by a brutal body scissors/sleeper combo that puts Jackson out yet again!  Before Jackson can compose herself, Cara attacks with a sudden and tight bearhug that scores another KO for the newcomer.  As if that weren't enough, the new girl scores yet AGAIN...and this time it's a piledriver that gets the point!

As Jackson tries to steady herself, the overconfident Cara suddenly feels the veteran's fist ram her belly, setting her up for a sudden piggy back sleeper of her own that starts to turn the tide!  After the KO, Jackson goes on a rampage, evening the score via massive split splashes grapevine, single-leg scissor KO, belly blows, snap mare, figure four neckscissors KO, stunner KO, triangle choke KO, and a brutal finishing KICK to the FACE that sends Cara flying for the final winning pin!

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Length: 12 min

Price (USD): $USD 11.99

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