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In this awesome custom creation, Devon plays a mob boss waiting for her rival to show for a "truce" meeting.  When Helena does make it, however, it becomes painfully obvious to the Russian criminal that she's been double-crossed...and a wrestling beatdown begins! 

After a chloroform KO, Helena becomes a ragdoll...subjected to Devon's treachery via sevral blows, KOs, and submission attacks.  Included are: sleeper hold, suplex, belly splashes, face punching, fireman's carry, running snapmares, bearhug, belly attacks, solar plexus KO, stunner, piledriver, armdrag/DDT KO, and more.

After it's all over, Helena lays still as Devon leaves the room...but the fallen fighter comes to just long enough to finish it all for Devon, via a hidden weapon in her suit!

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Length: 12 min

Price (USD): $USD 11.99

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