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This new and extremely popular series returns with a vengeance as the lovely Tara Bush foolishly challenges SK to a full-on piledrivers battle! Tara starts off in top, locking the Kid in an jujigitame armlock and going for her first and final piledriver! A sudden low-blow to the inner thigh drops her, however, and SK lands the first of NINE piledrivers (both regular and tombstone), leaving her twitching and out cold on the mats. Using a camel clutch, stone cold stunner, belly blows, and more to add insult to injury, Tara's loss is finalized by a sit-down SPIKED piledriver that finally quiets her involuntary convulsions, leading to decisive 10-count leghook pin that scores yet another win for the Man You All Love to Hate!

Length: 12 min

Price (USD): $USD 11.99

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