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What starts as a simple 3-count pin battle turns into a rough and tumble brawl between two of SKW's most requested combatants! Jenelle starts off with a tight headlock that leads to a sudden reversal to an armlock from Helena, but a leg trip drops the SKW fighter to the ground, leaving her open to a harsh boston crab! A surfboard follows as Helena screams for mercy, but Jenelle's fresh out, moving on to a sleeper hold that Helena reverse via snap mare! One side neck scissors later and Jenelle is quickly fading, but Helena lets go at the last second for some well-deserved vengeance. A boston crab is now Jenelle's tormentor as Helena cranks it tight, but another reversal suddenly leaves Helena open to multiple belly blows. Helena counters with a kick to the stomach and a knee slam to Jenelle's face, dropping her to the mats as stomps begin to rain down on her midsection. A belly claw does nothing to alleve Jenelle's agony, and Helena continues the belly attacks against the wall. After missing a wall splash, however, Helena finds herself getting splashed and rammed by Jenelle, leading to a side surfboard and a bearhug that finally puts Helena's lights out. Jenelle goes for a pin and playfully pulls the inexperienced Helena up at the last second, wrapping her up in a brutal camel clutch! A snap mare and belly claw follow, setting the stage for a final sleeper hold. Helena amazingly recovers, sending elbows to Jenelle's gut and nailing and out-of-the-blue STUNNER! Jenelle falls, out cold, as Helena goes for the cover but pulls the same fake pin as Jenelle did...aiming for a final KO before reaping any kind of victory! A long and winding sleeper hold slowly saps Jenelles strength and knocks her out for good...leaving a smiling Helena completely free to go for the final 3 count pin/victory pose!!!

Length: 10 min

Price (USD): $USD 9.99

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